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Where to file U.S. Citizenship application?

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Understanding the process of filing Form N-400:

The United States allows immigrants to obtain citizenship and settle down permanently in the country enjoying all the benefits of a citizen born here. If you are 18 years and above, and you obtain a Green card (Permanent Resident), you can apply for the Naturalization process. In  order to apply for the Naturalization process, you must fulfil certain eligibility criteria:

  • You must have established a permanent residence in the U.S for 5 years after obtaining your Green Card.

  • In case you are married to a U.S citizen, you must have residence in the U.S for the past 3 years.

  • You must not have any extended period of travel outside the U.S during your permanent residence period (more than 6 months outside the U.S in the given year).

  • If you have a honourable service in the U.S military, you need not have the requirement of permanent residency.

If you meet the basic criteria listed above, the next step would be to apply for Naturalization with the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services. This can be done online, which makes the entire process easier. Try here. The citizenship application is called Form N-400, a 21-page application which requires you to fill in your complete immigration history. You must answer all the questions in the application and must be honest in your answers. Anything you state on the Citizenship application Form N-400, has to be supported with evidence and will be reviewed by a USCIS officer at the time of your Citizenship test and Interview.

Assembling the Form N-400 citizenship application packet:

Once you have filled the Form N-400 online, you need to print it out and sign at the required fields. Along with the application, you must include 2 passport-style, color photographs (with your name and A-number written behind them), the required application fees and photocopies of all the necessary documents that support your citizenship application. If any of your documents are not in English, you need to submit a copy of the translated document as well, along with a statement from the translator that he/she is competent to translate. A copy of your Permanent Resident card must be included. It is always best to retain a photocopy of all the documents that you submit to the USCIS while applying for citizenship.


  • Filled in and signed Citizenship Application Form N-400.

  • Copy of Green card

  • Passport-style photographs(2)

  • Required Application fee

  • All supporting evidence and documents in English

Sending your application packet:

After you assemble your application packet, you must send the application to the US Citizenship Application package to the USCIS lockbox that serves your area. There are two addresses provided in each area, one is a PO Box address and the second a Street address. This is because most Express mail, courier companies like FedEX, UPS, DHL, do not deliver to a PO Box. If you are sending your application by US Mail (USPS), you must add extra postage as your application packet will weigh more than an ounce.


Residents of Alaska, Arizona, California,Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Territory of Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands must send their application packet to:

  • Regular Mail (US Post Office):


                         P.O Box 21251

                         Phoenix, AZ 85036

  • Express mail (FedEX, UPS,DHL):


                          Attn: N-400

                          1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S

                          Suite 100

                          Phoenix, AZ 85034


Residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, U.S Virgin Islands must send their application packet to:

  • Regular Mail (US Post Office):


                           P.O Box 660060

                           Dallas, TX 75266

  • Express mail (FedEX, UPS,DHL):


                           Attn: N-400

                           2501, S State Hwy 121

                           Business Suite 400

                           Lewisville, TX 75067

Military Service Personnel

If you are a current or former member of the military, spouse of a current member of the military, close relatives of a deceased member of the military, and you are applying for the naturalization process under military provisions, Sections 328 and 329, you must file your Citizenship Application Form N-400 only at the Nebraska Service Center, regardless of your geographic location or jurisdiction.

  • Regular Mail (US Post Office):

                           Nebraska Service Center

                           P.O Box 87426

                           Lincoln, NE 68501-7426

  • Express Mail (FedEX, UPS,DHL):

                           Nebraska Service Center

                           850, S. Street

                           Business Suite 400

                           Lincoln, NE  68508

If I live overseas currently

In case you are outside the U.S and you are filing Form N-400, you must sent the application to the USCIS lockbox facility for the geographical area of the USCIS office where you want to be interviewed.

Important Immigration Forms

U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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