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When will an immigration application get denied by USCIS?

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immigration application get denied by USCISIf you are an immigrant who has applied for Green Card within the United States, the USCIS will do everything possible to ensure that genuine immigrants are granted an opportunity to live and work in the United States. This means the USCIS has scrutinizes your application very keenly. Even if your application is straightforward and free of red flags, there are many reasons your application may get denied by the USCIS.

Health related and Public charge:

A medical exam report provided by a government-approved doctor is required for some immigration applications. If you fail to provide documentation of the required vaccinations when applying for any immigration process, there is a very high chance of your application getting rejected. Also if you are found to have any health related issues that may seem like you will become dependent on the U.S government for financial support, or long-term care, the USCIS will likely reject your application.

Security related:

If you are found to be related to any activity that threatens the U.S security laws, like engaging in any terrorist efforts, being a part of Nazi or any totalitarian parties will lead to denial of any immigration application.

Immigration Violations and Failure to attend immigration appointments:

If you have entered the United States illegally or if you have violated the terms and conditions of your visa or have failed to attend immigration removal proceedings, your application is likely to be denied. If you have failed to keep up your appointments with the USCIS, or failed to reschedule your application is likely to be denied.

Mistakes on the Green card Application packet:

It is very important to carefully review and cross check your application before sending it to the USCIS. Very simple mistakes on the application form will lead to your application being denied.

Here are some of the most common mistakes that are found on immigration applications which can lead to denial:

  • Missing Information: All the required information in the application form has to filled in accurately and completely. If a question in the application form does not apply to you, you need to fill in N/A (means, not applicable) in the appropriate place.

  • Translations not provided: If you are submitting any documents which are not in English language, you need to provide a word by word translation of the documents. The translated document must be certified and submitted along with the original document and the application form.

  • Missing Signatures: Make sure that all the signature lines are signed before you complete the application package.

The USCIS will deny any application which is inconsistent, has incorrect data or is incomplete in any way. Your application needs to be completed correctly at every step. If you are inexperienced, errors can occur when you are preparing your application form. The USCIS also keeps updating their forms. It is very easy to become confused and unaware of the correct form to be filled. In short, many reasons for denial can be avoided with proper preparation.

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