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Under what circumstances Can U.S. Citizenship be revoked?

Category : Naturalization

If a person has obtained citizenship illegally or by providing wrong details or by not meeting any of the requirements as stated by the USCIS he/she will be subject to revocation of Citizenship. The requirements are as follows,

  • Physical presence during interviews and court hearings.

  • Good moral character.

  • The applicant should be atleast 18 years old.

  • Must be a green card holder for a minimum of five years or more.

  • Should be able to read, write and speak in English.

  • Understand and acknowledge the laws of the United States of America.

  • Understand and agree with the U.S. Constitution.

U.S. Citizenship be revokedThe application form for naturalization may be revoked if the USCIS find any inconsistencies in the facts provided. Or they have willfully provided misinformation and tried to conceal some information which is vital for the case. If the applicant is found to have any sort of affiliations to any terrorist groups local or foreign, their citizenship would be revoked. People who gained U.S. Citizenship by serving in the U.S. Armed forces and was not honorably discharged, his/her citizenship would be revoked.

Important Immigration Forms

U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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