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Tips for filling the Form I-90 online

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Form I-90 which is issued by the USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) is an Application form to Replace Permanent Resident Card, which is commonly referred as the Green Card Renewal Application Form.

Who should fill Form I-90?

Form I -90 is used by Permanent Residents when

  • The existing card is lost, stolen or destroyed

  • The Green card is expiring in 6 months or less, or already expired

  • If the card issued by USCIS has any data error

  • The cardholder has any legal change in data (Name, any  biographic information)

  • The card has to be replaced by a newer version of the card being issued

Permanent residents can also apply for a renewal of their card when they reach the age of 14 and the existing card will be valid until their 16th birthday . Permanent residents who reside in Mexico or Canada but commute to the US for work can also file Form I-90 with the USCIS when they need to renew their existing Green Card.

How to file Form I-90?

The USCIS allows two methods to file Form I-90. It can be done online at the USCIS website or by paper (through mail), in which case the application form can be printed, filled in and sent to the USCIS address mentioned in the website along with the supporting documents. If the applicant requires a fee waiver, the online application form is not processed by the USCIS. The applicant must submit the application for Form I-90 by paper (through mail). In case of a straightforward application form (without any waiver), online application is accepted by the USCIS for processing. Form I-90 can be filed online using below link,

In case any applicant needs support filling the Form I-90, we provide a low-cost online support service that helps the applicant fill the Green Card Renewal Form step by step. Using our services, you can complete the green card renewal form and print it at the completion of the form. Just sign the filled in form and you are ready to mail the copy to the USCIS for processing.

Tips for filing the Form I-90 onlineTo ensure that the Form I-90 is accepted for processing by the USCIS, the form has to be filled accurately and completely without any missing fields. After printing the form, it has to be duly signed and the exact fees has to be paid along with the supporting documents. The fees can be paid to USCIS through cheque or money order. Along with the filled in Green Card Renewal Form, applicants must also submit photocopies of all the supporting evidence and documents to the USCIS.

Filling the Form I-90 Online

Now, the Form I-90 consists of four parts,

  1. Where the applicant has to fill in details about themselves,

  2. Which consists of the type of application that the applicant is applying for,

  3. Which contains fields about the Processing Information and,

  4. Which is specifically for applicants with Disabilities and/or Impairments.

Part 1 - Information about you

This section of the application contains fields where you will be filling in general information about yourself. Questions about your name have to be filled in carefully, as USCIS asks for various variations of your name in order to avoid confusions and to ensure consistency in all legal documents.

Part 2 - Application Type

This is a very important section that has to be filled carefully as it explains the purpose behind why Form I-90 is being filed. The first question describes the current immigration status. Either Lawful Permanent Resident or Permanent Resident in Commuter Status.

The reason for application has to chosen from the options given in the appropriate box. Your answer to this question will determine the supporting document that has to be submitted. Even if more than one option is suitable, only the best applicable option has to be chosen.

Conditional Permanent Residents cannot use Form I-90 to renew their Green Card. However, they can file Form I-90 to replace a lost/stolen/destroyed card.

Part 3 - Processing Information

This part of the application requires information about the Green card in possession by the applicant. Information includes if the Green card was obtained by Consular Processing or Adjustment of Status. If the Green card was obtained by Consular Processing, you need to provide information on location of the U.S embassy/consulate where the status was granted. If you received the Green card by Adjustment of Status, you have to specify the location (U.S city/state) at which the Green card was applied for and granted by the USCIS.

Part 4 - Accommodations for Individuals with disabilities and/or impairments

This section of the Form I-90 is for individuals who need assistance during any time of the green card renewal process. The USCIS provides assistance with sign language interpretation, wheelchair assistance, or any other reasonable assistance required for any disability.

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