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Things to know about Immigration Visa types

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The US is a land of opportunities. Many foreign nationals look for opportunities to work in the US and the United States welcomes skilled people from other countries. In order to work in the US, foreign nationals are required to secure legal permission from the concerned authorities.

The employers also need to make sure the person they are hiring are eligible to work in the US. The immigration status of Green card holders, refugees and people who the US has given asylum to are eligible to work in the country legally. For the above categories, there is no need to obtain a separate work permit.

There are other non-immigrant categories which require employment authorization documents to work in the US. They include non-immigrants whose status allows them to work in the US and those who are authorized to work for US employers.There are various categories for the employment visas, each having their own requirements.

Permanent Working Visa:

Things to know about Immigration Visa typesEmployers sometimes offer foreign nationals a permanent job in the US and also sponsor them for legal status. These workers initially obtain an immigrant visa when they come to the US. After moving to the US, they can obtain a green card (permanent resident card) after which they can live permanently in the US as a citizen.

Non-immigrant Workers: 

Some employers bring foreign nationals to work for them in the US for a specific period  of time or for a short duration for a specific job. This type of short duration work visa is called a non-immigrant work visa, which is a temporary visa issued by the USCIS.

There are several types of non-immigrant work visas available. The highly skilled workers, brought to the US by employers are given a H-1B visa. Agricultural workers are given H-1A visa, non-agricultural workers are given a H-2B visa. Athletes, artists, cultural visits, entertainers are given P visa and O visa is given to foreign nationals with extraordinary talents. 

Other Visas:

Apart from working in the US, foreign nationals may also pursue education in the US. This may be full-time or they may come as exchange visitors. International students must obtain permission from the Designated School Officials (DSO) at the school where they have opted to study. Exchange visitors, who can also work should obtain permission from the Responsible Officers (RO), before taking up any job in the US.

Important Immigration Forms

U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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