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Instructions to Fill Your Form I-90 for Quick Approval

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Filling Instruction for Form I-90If your green card has expired, been lost or stolen you need to apply for renewal of your card or for a new one, by filing Form I-90, Application for Green Card Renewal with the USCIS. Once you file your application for renewal, it can take anywhere between five to six months for you to receive a new Green card. The time frame depends on the applicants’ case, the USCIS office where the applicant has filed and the amount of caseload the USCIS office is currently bearing.

Sometimes the application process gets delayed than the expected timeframe. The most important reason for a Green card renewal application to get delayed is an application form which contains errors and inconsistencies.

To improve your chances of your application being approved quickly, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Make sure you type or write legibly in black ink.

  • You need to answer all questions correctly and without any omissions.

  • You must provide answers as truthfully as possible for all the questions asked.

  • You must provide a valid U.S mailing address as USCIS will not mail any communication to any address outside the U.S.

  • You need to provide information on any changes in your data after you had received your previous Green card, like name change due to marriage/divorce, address change.

  • You have to provide photocopies of all the supporting documents to your application. You must also submit a photocopy of the previous Green card.

  • If you are providing any supporting documents in other languages, you must include translated scripts of the same along with the application packet.

  • You must state the reason for renewing your Green card very clearly, if the card is expiring, lost or stolen or damaged, if you need to change any information on the card.

  • You must properly sign and date the application and include the processing fee when you send the application packet to the USCIS. Any stamped or typewritten signature is not accepted by the USCIS as a valid signature.

  • Make copies of all the documents you send to the USCIS along with the application.

You can make use of the Form I-90 available at our website which makes the filling up of the Green card renewal application form a much easier process. Our software guides you through the process and filling up the application form without any kind of errors or omissions could not be easier.

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