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Important documents that can be used as proof of citizenship

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Citizens of the United States generally don’t have to carry proof of citizenship to lead their daily lives. They only use it for obtaining a Social Security benefits or drivers license. In some cases an employer may require the proof of citizenship.

Following is the list of documents that can serve as proof of citizenship:

1) U.S. Passport:

Important documents that can be used as proof of citizenshipAny person born in the United States can obtain a U.S. passport by providing proof of identification in the form of a Birth certificate issued by the state. A passport is issued to the holder after through cross checking of the identity of the person. Naturalized citizens are also provided with one when their status as a U.S. citizen is confirmed.

2) Birth Certificate:

A Birth certificate is provided to those who are born on United States soil by the city, county or state of birth. This proves that the holder is a natural born United States citizen by birth.

3) Certificate of Citizenship:

This certificate is given people who are born outside the United States but change their national status as a United States citizen. Upon confirmation of their nationality status, this certificate can be claimed by the holder.

4) Naturalization Certificate:

Citizenship CertificateThis document is provided to those who have been naturalized by obtaining a Green Card as a citizen of the United States. People who are U.S citizens by birth need not have their birth certificate or passport to prove their nationality status with them at all times. Whereas, the immigrants need to have these documents safely with them in order to travel, get a job or obtain Social security benefits in the United states.

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