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How to renew my expired green card?

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If your Green card is expiring within a short time or has already expired, you need to start the process to renew your Green card immediately. If you are eligible for citizenship, you can also apply for citizenship instead of renewing your Green card. But if you choose to remain only a permanent resident, then you can simply file Form I-90, Application to renew / replace Permanent Resident card.

There are two ways for you to file this application form:

  1. You can fill the Form I-90 online and complete the entire payment process online,

  2. You can file a paper Form I-90 and mail it to the local USCIS office along with the processing fees and the supporting documents.

The Green card renewal process takes anywhere between three to five months. The ideal time to begin the renewal process would be six months prior to the expiration date on the Green card. If your Green card has already expired, it is best to apply for the renewal as soon as possible to obtain a new Green card. In the meantime, if you require confirmation of your immigration status in order to travel, apply for a job, getting your driver’s license or any other purpose, you can obtain a temporary I-551 stamp on your passport, from the local USCIS office.

renew expired green cardIf your Green card has expired, it only means the proof of your permanent resident status has expired. It does not mean that your permanent resident status has expired. However, if you are a conditional permanent resident, your permanent resident status expires when your conditional Green card expires. You must file Form I-751, Petition to remove conditions on Residence, 90 days prior to the conditional permanent resident card expiry date.

If you cannot afford to pay the processing fee for the Green card renewal, USCIS provides an option where you can apply for fee waiver. You must submit all the documents supporting your financial status to the USCIS. Fee waiver is applicable to all the family members who apply for the renewal process together, if the USCIS accepts your fee waiver application.

If you are travelling outside the United States for a long period of time, you must check on your Green cards’ expiry date before you leave. If it expires during your travel time, you must apply for a Green card renewal before you leave the country. You can show the Notice of Action, Form I-797C, that you will receive from the USCIS as proof that you have applied to renew your Green card at the immigration checkpoint when you re-enter the country. Keep in mind that you cannot return to the United States with an expired Green card. If you are outside the country and your Green card has expired, you need to contact the nearest U.S consulate/embassy, U.S port of entry, or USCIS office before you file for Green card renewal.

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U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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