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How to Check U.S.Citizenship Application Status Online?

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After you have filed Form N-400, Application for U.S.Citizenship successfully with the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services, you will receive a notice through mail which is called Form I- 797, Notice of Action. This notice is an acknowledgement from the USCIS that they have received your application and your application has been assigned a case number. You must use this case number to check you application status online.

USCIS Receipt Number:

check case statusThe case number allotted to your application by the USCIS is your receipt number. This is a unique 13-digit number assigned to your application case. This receipt number is found on your Form I-797 which you received from the USCIS (Ex: WAC-01-234-56789). The first 3 characters of your receipt number refers to the service center where your application is being processed.For example, if the first three characters are WAC, your application was submitted and is being processed in California.

How to check you Application Form N-400 status online:

Checking your application status online is a very simple and easy process. You can check your status from your office, home or even your cell phone. All you need is internet connectivity to access the USCIS website. Just follow the steps given here and you can verify the status anytime at your convenience.

  • Go to the USCIS website ( using your browser.

  • On the left side of the homepage, you will find a search bar “Case Status”.

  • Enter your receipt number in the search bar. Enter the first 3 characters followed by the numbers continuously without spaces and also without dashes (“-”). The search bar is not case sensitive.

  • Click on the “Check Status” button.

  • The website will pull up your application status in a few minutes and you will be able to see the steps that your application has gone through and the steps it has to go through for completion.

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