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How to avoid stress during U.S. Citizenship interview?

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Citizenship-InterviewGoing through the process of naturalization itself can be very stressful experience for many: from collecting documents, filing your U.S.Citizenship Application Form N-400 with the USCIS, appearing for the biometrics appointment and the final hurdle of the citizenship test and interview. The uncertainty of what will happen at the interview is a major factor of stress for citizenship applicants.But there is no need to worry as much! There are ways to ease the stress and make the interview experience a smooth one. Here are some steps you can take to prepare yourself better to face the test:

  • Study hard for the citizenship test: You will be asked questions about U.S history and Civics. You can gather study materials from the USCIS website or you can enrol yourself in a citizenship class/workshop. In addition you can also find a number of websites with enough study guides and materials to help you with the English language and U.S history/civics tests. Take as many as practice tests as possible to familiarize yourself with the answers. Try taking the quiz with your friends and family members to improve yourself and pass the test.

  • Review and bring the a copy of the submitted application: The USCIS officer will go over the previously submitted form with you and ensure everything in the form is accurate. As the officer will ask you questions based on your application, you must be sure of the details that you have put in the application. If there are any changes in information after you have filed Form N-400, like a change of address or birth of a child, you need to state this to the officer and submit the appropriate documents.

  • Arrive early and dress appropriately: It is always best to be 30 minutes earlier at the USCIS office so you get time to find the interview office and relax for a few minutes before the interview. Treat the citizenship as you would do a job interview, so dress in formal and comfortable attire.

  • Organize your documents: You will need to carry all your original documents as well as photocopies. The USCIS officer will verify the original documents and will ask to keep a copy of the same. Keep your documents neatly organised in folders, so they are easy to access. Saves you time and makes you look professional!

  • Be honest: Do not lie to the USCIS officer. If a specific question is asked, just tell the truth. If you do not remember an event or a date, do not make it up! Remember you are under oath.

The better you are prepared for your interview, the more smoothly it will go. Be polite, smile and speak up clearly and confidently.

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