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How long does it take to renew a green card?

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If you are a Permanent resident whose Green card is about to expire in six months or less, or if your Green card has already expired, you need to immediately renew your Green card. To renew your Green card, you have to file Form I-90, Application for Green card renewal with the USCIS.

There are two ways in which you can apply for Renewal of Green card:

  • You can fill the Form I-90, Application for Renewal of Green card online, pay the processing fees online and mail the completed application form along with the supporting documents to the USCIS office.

  • You can also file a paper Form I-90 and mail the completed application form along with the cheque/money order to the USCIS along with the supporting documents.

Time for processing the Application Form I-90 by the USCIS:

The online application Form I-90 available in our website makes the entire application process a an easy and quick one. The software is so simple that you can complete the filling up of your application Form I-90 takes only 10 minutes of your time. The completed application form has to be printed, signed and mailed along with the processing fees and the supporting documents.

How long does it take to renew a green cardOnce you mail your completed application packet for Green card renewal to the USCIS, you will receive a receipt for your application Form I-90, called the Notice of Action, Form I-797C, within 1 to 3 weeks of mailing the application.The receipt contains a 10 digit number which can be used to track the status of your application form anytime online. In around 3 to 5 weeks after filing your application, you will receive a notice with the biometric appointment schedule, which gives you the date, time and also the location of the USCIS office.

After you receive the biometric appointment notice, in around 3 weeks, you will have to attend the appointment schedule at the given time and location, where you will be fingerprinted, photographed and your signature will be collected. This information is for background check for all applicants.

Once you complete the biometric appointment, USCIS will process your information. If your application for Green card renewal is approved, you will receive your Green card via post in about 5 to 6 months after you file your application.

This timeline is an approximate time frame and may take more or less time depending on the applicants’ case. If there are any errors while filling up the application form, it will lead to delays in processing of the form by USCIS. Using our software for filling up the application form reduces any kind of errors and inconsistencies in the application and ensures that your application is not delayed due to any errors.

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