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How do I update my Social Security Card after I get U.S.Citizenship?

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You have become a U.S citizen!! Now you can avail all of the benefits and advantages of being a citizen of this country. The first step towards this would be to update your social security record. The process is quite simple and easy, but to begin the process you have to wait for a couple of weeks after your Oath of Allegiance ceremony so that U.S government updates your citizenship information on its record.

Steps to update your Social Security card

  • You must apply to update your Social Security card with the Social Security administration by filling Form SS-5, “Application for a Social Security Card”.

  • This application form, SS-5, is available on the Social Security website. You can fill it online, print it and sign.

  • Form SS-5 is a simple one page form, that requires you to enter information such as your full name, any previous names you may have used, your previous SS number, your date and place of birth, your gender, whether you are a U.S citizen, your race and ethnicity (filling this column is optional), SS numbers of both parents (choose option “unknown” if you do not know this detail), your previous SS card details.

  • Along with the above information, you need to provide updated contact details like your phone number through which the Social Security office can call you during the day. You must also provide a mailing address where the card will be received.

  • Finally fill in the date and sign the application form.

  • Along with the completed application form, you must submit the following documents:

    • Proof of Identity: You must submit one of the original documents listed here - Your Driver’s license, your US passport, a US state-issued non-driver ID card. If you do not have any of the above documents here’s a list of additional documents that can be submitted as proof of identity: Your employee ID card, Medicaid/Health Insurance card, US government ID card, US Citizenship certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, copies of your medical record, US military ID card, school ID cards/Certified transcript of your current year in school, US Indian Tribal card, any Life Insurance policy.

    • Proof of US citizenship: The Social Security Administration accepts the following as proof of citizenship: US passport, US birth certificate, Certificate of Naturalization, Certificate of Citizenship. You can submit any one of the original documents as proof.

All the additional documents you submit with the application form must be original. No photocopies, even notarized ones, will be accepted by the Social Security administration.

  • Submitting the completed application:

    • By mail: You can mail the complete application package to the nearest Social Security office. After processing your application, the office will mail the original documents you submitted as proof along with the new Social Security card issued to you .The entire process of updating the card via mail can take upto 10 days.

    • In Person: If you have a Social Security office nearby, you can take the completed application form and the additional documents directly to the office. You will have an interview with the staff, who will then verify your citizenship document, and update the Social Security record.

Social Security cardIt is always wise to visit the Social Security office for updating your details as you wouldn’t want to risk losing any original documents in the mail. Updating the Social Security card after you obtain citizenship is very important as the database is updated showing your U.S citizenship status to all federal and state agencies that use the shared database. You will be able to obtain employment eligibility easily as The Department of Homeland Security’s ‘e-verify’ database is also updated with your social security record. You will also be entitled to receiving all disability benefits, retirement benefits and Social Security benefits as a U.S citizen.

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