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Green Card Renewal and U.S.Citizenship Fee

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A Green card provided by the US Government is a document that proves the holder has a legal status in the country and not an undocumented person. A green card has to be renewed every ten years to maintain the card holder’s permanent resident status.

In order to Renew a Green card, the holder has to fill I-90 form and submit it to the USCIS along with an application fees of $455, and a biometric fee of $85. In order to renew a green card throughout a persons’ lifetime, the cost of renewal sums up to $3000, which is a considerable amount of money. This cost estimate is done with the current charges applicable. If this application filing cost and the biometric fee were to increase in future, by the USCIS as is the norm, the cost of renewing a green card is likely going to increase in the future.

The Green card is a legal document that proves that the person holding the card has valid legal status in the country and are not illegally living or working in the US. As a responsible person holding the Green card, care should be taken to renew it on time. If the Green card expires, and is not renewed for a long time willfully, USCIS might consider the non-renewal of the Green card as a misdemeanor, which will result in legal difficulties while renewing later.

Citizenship-applicationSince the cost of renewing a green card over an extended period of time is considerably higher, the next step for would be to apply for a US citizenship. Any Green card holder must wait a period of five years to apply for a US citizenship.

Once a person becomes a citizen of the country, there is no need to renew the citizenship like a Green card renewal procedure. The citizenship also cannot be revoked by the country and has no expiration date. The expense for a US citizenship is only one time unlike the green card which must be renewed every ten years. The rigorous process of renewal and remembering the dates for renewal, the application filing fees and being questioned about the immigration status comes to an end once a person gets a US citizenship.

In order to apply for a US citizenship, Form N-400, Application for the Naturalization, has to be filed with the USCIS. There are a few requirements that has to be met with, to file the Form N-400. The application filing fees for US citizenship is $640 and the biometric fees is $85. This fee is a one-time payment for the US citizenship.

Green card holders can check their eligibility and requirements for U.S.Citizenship here,

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U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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