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Do You know what Happens After Filing Form I-90?

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Once you have filed Form I-90 which is used to renew green card, here is the processing time taken by the USCIS to process an application for green card renewal. The time frame may vary depending on the USCIS case load being handled, the USCIS office where you filed the application, and also your filled application form being accurate without any errors in data.

Receipt of Application (Two to three weeks after filing)

The first step after filing an application for green card renewal form I-90 properly, is receiving a receipt letter from the USCIS confirming that they have received your application. This receipt arrives in the mail roughly two to three weeks after your application is properly filed. This receipt letter is formally known as Notice of Action, and is referred to as Form I-797C by the USCIS. This is a very important document and is proof that you have started the Green card renewal process. It also contains a 10-digit receipt number that can be used to track the status of your application with the USCIS at any later period of time.

Appointment Notice for Biometrics (Three to five weeks after filing)

green card renewal application form i-90The next step in the Green card renewal process is receiving an appointment notice from the USCIS for biometrics with date, time and location. All applicants are required to be fingerprinted for security clearance and criminal background check. This is a routine procedure conducted by the USCIS and there is no need to panic on receiving the biometrics appointment notice. The only exceptions from the biometric appointment is if you are 75 years or older at the time of filing. This means you are exempted from fingerprinting but are still subject to background check by the USCIS

If you need to travel overseas during the time of the scheduled appointment, the USCIS can provides options to take the biometrics screening at an earlier date than scheduled. You can walk into your nearest USCIS Application Support Center (ASC) with your I-797C (Notice of Action) and a photo identification (Passport/ Green card/ Driver’s License/ Employment Card). The ASC can conduct your biometric schedule at their discretion depending on their scheduled appointments.

Biometrics Appointment (Five to eight weeks after filing)

The biometrics screening lasts for about 30 minutes during which your fingerprint, photograph and signature are collected by the USCIS. The appointment notice you received from the USCIS in the mail will tell you what documents you need to carry to the appointment. Here is a list of items that you should take with you to the biometrics appointment: 

  • Your passport or photo identification issued by your country

  • Driver’s license

  • Military Photo Identification (if you have one)

  • State Issued photo identification card

New Green Card Arrives (Five to six months after filing)

The USCIS takes a pretty long time to process your application after you have completed your biometrics appointment. Once your application to renew your green card is approved, the new green card arrives by mail to your address. The USCIS does not mail the green card to any address outside of the U.S unless you are a permanent resident in commuter status, in which case the green card will be mailed to your address outside the U.S. If you change your address within the U.S after filing Form I-90 with the USCIS, you have to notify the USCIS within 10 days of relocation by filing AR-11, Alien’s Change of Address form.

If your application is rejected for any reason, the USCIS will mail a notice with an explanation as to why the application was rejected.

Total Timing

After filing Form I-90 with the USCIS the entire process takes upto 6 months for completion as per the USCIS. This is approximate time duration and may vary from one case to another. Occasionally, the USCIS may also require additional information from the applicant which may delay the procedure at times.

At any time during the waiting period, you can check the status of your application online with the 10-digits receipt number.

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