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Why and when to renew a Green card:

Form I-90, Application to renew Permanent Resident card can be filled when your 10-year Green card has expired or is about to expire within the next 6 months. As per USCIS any application filed earlier than 6 months will be rejected and returned by the USCIS. You may also file the Form I-90 if your Green card is lost, stolen or damaged. The Form I-90 can also be used to replace the existing Green card if it has any errors.

Green Card Renewal Process:

Green Card Renewal ProcessAn application to renew green card has to be submitted by filing Form I-90 to the USCIS. The Form I-90 asks for various information including your name (including any change in legal name), U.S address, Date, Place and Country of Birth, Alien Registration Number (A number),reason for your application, Class of Admission along with several other information regarding your permanent resident status. When submitting the Form I-90 to the USCIS, a copy of the expired or expiring green card has to be submitted.

If you are applying for any change in the information on the card, like name change, evidence or supporting documents have to be submitted for processing the application. The USCIS does not process any application without supporting evidence/documents.

USCIS processing of your application:

The completed Form I-90, along with the fees can be submitted to the USCIS in two ways:

  • Online application form

  • By mail (Paper Form)

If you are filing the application form online on the USCIS website, you need to mail the supporting documents to the address mentioned in the USCIS website.

A biometric fees has to be paid to the USCIS for fingerprinting, which is usually included along with the fees paid to the USCIS for processing.

How to renew a Green card if you are outside the U.S:

If your Green card expires in 6 months, and you will return to the U.S before the Green card expires, you must file the Form I-90 with the USCIS immediately after arrival to the U.S.

If your card has expired while you are outside the U.S, you should contact the nearest U.S consulate, USCIS office or Port of Entry to the U.S before filing an application to renew green card with the USCIS.

Important Immigration Forms

U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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