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Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

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On September 17, 1787, the United States Constitution was signed. In the year 1940, “I am an American Day” was observed for the first time on the same day and this continues as an annual affair to honour the U.S Constitution. The United States Constitution Day and Citizenship day is observed on the 17 th of September every year and the entire week, September 15 to 22 is observed as Constitution Week by the country.

The U.S citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) celebrates this week by having over 200 naturalization ceremonies across the country. During this week, more than 30,000 lawful permanent residents of this country will become the newest citizens of the United States, a dream achieved for many of them.

As part of the Constitution week celebration, USCIS held a Naturalization Ceremony on September 15 at The National Archives in Washington, D.C. Elaine C.Duke, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security and James W.McCament, Acting USCIS Director participated in this special event. The National Archives boasts of hosting the most important documents in the history of the United States: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights.

The Acting Director of the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services has said of the event as “a great honor to celebrate the naturalization ceremony in the halls where the nation’s founding document lives.” He has also added that the Constitution not only establishes the rule of law, but also creates the framework for the system that empowers immigrants to become citizens of this country, Americans by choice.

Throughout the week, the USCIS has scheduled special judicial naturalization ceremonies all over the nation as a celebration of the Constitution Day and Citizenship day. These naturalization ceremonies are in partnership with the Administrative Office of the U.S Courts and are presided by Federal judges. The U.S National Arboretum, James A. Garfield National Historic Site, the Yosemite National Park are some of the hosts of these special events celebrated by the USCIS. President Trump’s new welcome video is featured at many of these ceremonies.

The USCIS welcomes the new U.S citizens and their families and friends to share their experiences and photos from the naturalization ceremonies. You can do so on social media with the hashtag #newUScitizen.

Here’s a list of all the ceremonies scheduled for the Sept.15 to 22, 2017 by the USCIS: 2017 Constitution Week naturalization ceremonies.

Constitution Day and Citizenship DayIf you are looking forward to become a U.S citizen, the USCIS website offers study materials for the English and Civics test along with many other preparation resources. The USCIS is dedicated to creating awareness about citizenship and help permanent residents become U.S citizens. USCIS has also launched a free mobile app, USCIS: Civics Test and Study Tools, available in Google Play and iTunes to help permanent residents prepare for the Citizenship Civics test. This mobile application has helps you review old tests, lists the answers to all possible 100 questions and also has a game to challenge your Civics knowledge. In addition, 100 short YouTube videos are also available, one video for one civics question each. Legal permanent residents can make use of these study materials by the USCIS to make the path to citizenship easier.

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