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Can the Green Card Lottery help a person win U.S.Citizenship

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There are many ways to obtain U.S. Citizenship, when a person is born in the United States, he become a U.S. Citizen by birth. By applying for green card and undergoing the process of naturalization through tests organized by USCIS. If the holder is lucky, he/she can win the lottery by entering the Green Card lottery, where the USCIS offers 50,000 green card holders U.S.Citizenship via random pickings through the lottery.

Under the normal circumstances, the holder must have a sponsor through family or employer. Holders who do not have a sponsor, can apply for U.S. Citizenship by entering the Lottery contest aka Diversity Visa lottery. This program is said to be a blessing for those who do not have sponsors as it doesn’t require sponsorship for the card holder.

People belonging to green card lottery eligible countries can participate in this program. Interested and eligible green card holders need to e-file their applications in October and wait till May when the results are announced. Eligible winners can then apply for immigrant visas and get green cards. Once they meet all the citizenship requirements, they can file application for naturalization.

Important Immigration Forms

U.S. Citizenship Form N-400 Green Card Renewal Form I-90

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