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7 Reasons that your Green Card Renewal Application will get denied

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application-form-i90-deniedThere are many reasons a Green card renewal application form is denied by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) or a US consulate abroad. The US Immigration Law is complex and many green card renewal application forms are denied. However, the USCIS gives the applicant many chances to supplement the application and make it worthy of approval. Here are some of the common reasons a green card renewal application may be denied.

1. Criminal Background

If you are ex-convict, then your green card renewal application may be denied by the USCIS. Crimes that may disqualify you from the green card renewal process include:

  • Drug trafficking

  • Prostitution

  • Commercialized vice

  • Money laundering, fraud

  • Violations of religious freedom as an official in a foreign administration

  • Any crimes of moral turpitude

Answering truthfully to all the questions is recommended. Answering yes to any of the questions without any clarifications to support that you should be approved in spite of your background, may result in denial of your green card renewal application by the USCIS.

2. Security Purpose

Seeking entry to the U.S to participate in terrorist attacks/efforts, former involvement in Nazi, genocide or in any hostile groups that violates U.S Foreign Policy can lead to denial of green card renewal by the USCIS. Any participation in espionage, damaging U.S property or breaching the U.S export laws of goods, services and technology are significant reasons leading to denial of green card renewal by the USCIS.

3. Public Charge

If you are seen to be likely dependent on the U.S Government for any kind of long-term care or financial dependency, it is most likely that your green card renewal application will be denied. The USCIS comes to a conclusion whether you will become a public charge by taking into consideration many factors like your age, medical health condition, your assets, resources, education status/skills, financial status during the time of green card renewal application. If someone has signed an affidavit of support for you, you will not be considered for public charge by the USCIS and may be considered for renewal of your green card.

4. Immigration Violators

If you have entered the U.S illegally like with a fraudulent identity, stowaway, gained entry into the U.S by misinterpretation, your application will be denied by the USCIS. Also, if you have failed to appear at your immigration proceedings in court hearings,  or if you have broken the terms and conditions of your visa, your application will be denied by the USCIS. In some cases, the denial will be permanent whereas in other cases, you won’t be allowed a green card for a specific number of years.

5. Denial because you were order removed

In case you were order removed from the U.S after obtaining a green card, it is very unlikely that you will receive a renewal of your green card. If you were not sure if you were order removed, one or more of the following things should have happened to you.

  • An immigration judge has ordered your deportation.

  • You have signed a stipulated removal order.

  • You were caught at the border and immigration officials decided to complete expedited removal paperwork on you.

6. Denial for filing the wrong form

Many permanent residents incorrectly file Form I-90 with the USCIS for renewal of their green card. If you are a conditional permanent resident, you can file Form I-90 to replace a green card that has been lost, stolen, damaged or contains incorrect information. The Form I-90 CANNOT be used by conditional permanent residents to renew their green card, which will result in their application being denied by the USCIS and loss of the application fees as well. Negligence to comply with the application procedures, providing supporting documents can also lead to denial of your green card renewal application.

7. Being Dishonest on your Application

After you file Form I-90, you will be scheduled a biometrics appointment at which the USCIS will ask you to re-affirm that all details that you have provided on your application are true and correct. Submitting incorrect or false information on the application will lead to denial of green card renewal by the USCIS.

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