Green Card FAQ

What are the reasons to renew your green card?

The proof of your identity and proof of your U.S. immigration status is your green card. Various problems may arise without a valid green card. To not carry a valid green card at all times is a misdemeanour crime. When applying for a job you must show proof of your right to work in the U.S. or your current employer may even ask for a copy of it.

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What is Form I-90? (How to renew)

To renew or replace your U.S. green card, Form I90 – the USCIS application is used. If the green card of the permanent residents is lost, stolen or damaged, they can use this form to request a replacement of their U.S. green card. Moreover to renew an expiring 10 year green card, they can use Form I90


Who can use Form I-90? Who is eligible?

Form I90 can be used by both permanent residents (those who have 10 year green cards) and conditional permanent residents (people with 2 year green cards) for the following purposes:

  • To replace a lost, stolen or damaged green card
  • If the USCIS issued you a green card but you never received it, request a green card
  • If there is a mistake on your current one and you need to fix it, request a replacement green card
  • If you have legally changed biographical information about yourself, such as your name, request a replacement green card

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If the permanent residents are taking up Commuter Status, turning 14 years old, or if they automatically become a U.S. permanent resident, they can also use Form I90 to request a special green card.


Who is a conditional permanent resident?

People who have 2 year green cards are conditional permanent residents. If you received your green card through marriage or through entrepreneurship, you may have a conditional green card.

You cannot use Form I90 to renew your green card, if you are a conditional permanent resident. Instead, you must request to have the conditions on your permanent residence removed, before your green card expires. You will receive a 10 year, nonconditional green card, if your request is approved.

To remove conditions before your conditional green card expires, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you submit your petition. You could lose your permanent resident status and even be forced to leave the U.S, if you allow your green card to expire before submitting this request.

You can use Form I751 to remove conditions on your residence, if you have a conditional green card through marriage.


How long does it take to renew or replace a Green Card? Processing Time

After filing Form I90, it typically takes about six months to receive your new green card. That’s why it’s very important to complete and file your application as soon as you can. You can get started today with’s step by step guidance! Start now.