About Us

Welcome to Initys Law Firm Technologies

Initys Law Firm Technologies is an immigration software company that serves Individuals, Companies, other institutions. Our long history as a immigration solution company means we are uniquely placed to help our clients resolve their most complex immigration challenges wherever they are.

Our Services

We Initys Law Firm Technologies make our clients comfortable full-filling in all immigration solutions with the guidance of experienced attorneys and also with 24/7 customer service team. We also provide navigational software for few immigration applications that was built under the supervision of certified immigration attorneys that will enable users to complete their application themselves and alert users to correct the mistake that will then help them to move forward.

Our Mission

Implanted with the characteristics of Reliability, Quality and Capability, Initys Law Firm Technologies mission is to deliver a high-quality legal solution that facilitates sustainable competitive advantage.

Why ILFT ?

We Make things easy

Paperwork shouldn’t be Hard or scary. Our Software takes complicated immigration work and makes them easy to complete with simple questions in a Do-It-Yourself, online format.

We get it right the first time

You don’t have to worry about making minor mistakes. Our Software and detailed filing instructions will help prevent errors that cause application rejection.

We help when you need it

Getting answers should be easy. Our Software provides explanation to complicated application questions and our customer support team is also ready to assist you.


Initys Law Firm Technologies (ILFT) assists you to complete your Immigration paper work, in self-guiding software. Our software technology assists you step by step and we have dedicated support personals who will assist you on all your questions. Our Software will guide you step by step where the errors are minimum and provides detailed instructions on how to properly file your papers with the USCIS.



Step 1: Check if you are eligible to use ILFT Software packages by answering few basic questions about your current immigration situation. Once you know that you can use the ILFT Software packages. Select the appropriate package and proceed with membership registration.

Step 2: Create a free membership with ILFT and proceed with the software to complete you application.

Step 3: Once completing you application you can make the software to check your entire application and print you application package.

Step 4: Read all the customized instructions that comes along with the application package and continue filing you application.

P.S: If you have any questions in any of these steps you can always call our support to assistance.



NO. ILFT is a private company and is not affiliated or associated with the U.S Government or any Government office. Our Software helps people to complete their immigration forms and file it to the USCIS. Our Attorneys also assist people to simplify their immigration work.



Using ILFTDoing Yourself
Software Application ReviewYesNo
Detailed Filing InstructionsYesNo
24/7 Customer SupportYesNo
Attorney AdviceYesNo
Typographical error No Yes
Check On Inconsistent, illogical or conflicting datesYesNo